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Professional Security and Investigative Services

JDC Investigations & Security, Inc. is an investigative and security service provider licensed by the State of New York, Division of Licensing Services. In addition, JDC is licensed in the State of New Jersey. We provide physical security and investigative services that are tailored to each client’s needs regardless of their size or the scope of their business. Our organization has worked with numerous clients from different industries.

We Offer Security Services To

  • The World's Largest Delivery Service

  • The Leading Cellphone Company in the United States

  • Charitable Organizations

  • Construction Sites

  • Designer Trunk Shows

  • Event Halls

  • Major Newspapers

  • Multi-Building Corporate Complexes

  • Parking Garage Corporations

  • Restaurants

  • Telecommunication Firms

  • Video and Amusement Arcades





Our company listens to your needs and creates a custom security solution to address them. We develop the perfect combination of experienced personnel and the latest technology to give you peace of mind—now and well into the future. Aside from physical security and investigative services, we also offer customer relations and chauffeuring services.

Consult Our Security Experts

JDC Investigations & Security, Inc. prides itself in providing highly competitive pricing that varies by assignment type, threat level on the asset, responsibilities, and additional required duties. Contact us today for inquiries or to schedule a consultation with our team. We will be pleased to meet with you to answer all of your questions and provide a quote for our protection and security services.

JDC Investigations & Security, Inc.